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Patrol/Area surveillance (Patrol)

Lefkas Security agrees to supervise areas with patrols as frequently as the customer desires. Our aim is the guarding and protection of areas and residents of malicious, external threats and suspicious movements.

Immediate Intervention

Lefkas Security provides immediate intervention with speed, precision, safety and reliability in secure, professional and private spaces in case of emergency and also informs and mobilizes the proper authorities, where necessary (police, fire department, hospitals, etc.)

Guarding private properties and professional

Our highly trained staff and the services offered by our company ensure reliability and security for your safety and deter those who seek to invade your space and harm you and your property.

Download Center and Signal Processing & Telemonitoring Image

Download Center and Signal Processing and Image Telemonitoring is a fully automated Central Station, equipped with special computers of the latest technology that monitor and control their security systems 24 hours a day, process and record images and sound and alert when the alarm is activated and deactivated, when electricity is cut off and restored, and in cases of burglary, robbery, fire, etc.

Protecting V.I.P.

Lefkas Security shall assume custody of VIPs ensuring high security, absolute privacy and discretion. Our highly trained staff provides responsible care 24 hours per day while the specially equipped private cars ensure safe transportation and protection.

Support and Maintenance of Electronic Systems

Our skilled technical staff undertakes the support and maintenance of all types of security systems, fire protection, monitoring and so on. They take under consideration all the latest developments in technology in order to always provide our customers with the most specialized, reliable and safe offers and suggestions.

Secure sporting, cultural, artistic and other events

Lefkas Security undertakes the coverage of various events by providing specific services of strict standards, flexibility, absolute safety and security on a case-by-case basis.

Airport Security

Our highly trained and skilled staff and the services provided by our company, ensure safety and protection from the increasing threats of danger, making Lefkas Security one of the most modern and reliable companies providing static security. We monitor, coordinate and facilitate access to exits and entrances, we protect and cover all areas, satisfying a wide range of needs and services.

Port facilities Security

Our company undertakes the guard and safety of facilities and areas with trained staff, expertise, responsiveness and high quality services it offers.

Security of private pleasure craft

Lefkas Security shall assume custody and protection of private yachts ensuring confidentiality, discretion and high quality specialized security services of important assets 24 hours per day.